being a good designer just isn't enough

To have the edge you need to be an articulate designer.


being a good designer just isn't enough

To have the edge you need to be an articulate designer.

it's time to upgrade to articulate

Have you ever put a great marketing design in front of a client or manager only to have it tweaked bit by bit into something mediocre, or worse, outright rejected in favor of something worse?

Did you find yourself unable to articulate why your proposed design was the best option, despite all the thought and effort you remember putting into it? Other talented and skilled designers loved your work, but the people in charge of the final decision, typically non-designers, just didn't seem to get it?

The Articulate Marketing Designer not only gives you a mindset and approach for designing better, it also helps you to better articulate your design decisions, process, and build a science and evidence-based case for your work.

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As designers, we are sculptors of light. Yet few of us know the fundamentals of this strange medium. This chapter on light and color demonstrates how an elementary understanding of light and our perception of it can dramatically improve our approach to marketing design problems. 

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understand white space inside & out

The use of white space in design has grown tremendously, propelled in large part because of the monumental success of that fruit company we all know and love. Yet it is also underused where it would be effective. But what is white space? What’s the science behind it? Is it always effective? After reading The Articulate Marketing Designer you’ll have an inside out understanding of white space and the greater trend of less-is-more design.

how to use science to design and pitch what you make

You'll learn how to use science and evidence to not only create better designs but also how to more effectively pitch your work to your clients or managers. You’ll learn how to think about, dissect, and apply relevant science to work through in-depth examples exploring seminal research in areas like white space, color, haptics, and even decision making. 

use color more potently

Color can be one of the most powerful tools in marketing and design. Yet it is often poorly understood, underestimated, and misused. The Articulate Marketing Designer will help you better understand color, including how we perceive it, how context shapes it, and the science behind how it affects our behavior. You’ll walk away with a greater sensitivity to the impact of context on not only colors, but your work as a designer.

better manage the different types of design complexity

You probably didn’t even expect that there were different types of complexity in visual design. There are, and while some forms of complexity are pleasing and appealing to consumers, other forms of complexity can turn them off. You’ll learn the types of design complexity and how to manage and wield them effectively. 


who's this book not for?

Marketing designers who don't like or want to change, as this book is about developing a modern approach to marketing design. If you don't design in a business or marketing context, you may not get as much from this book.

who's this book for?

The Articulate Marketing Designer was primarily written for designers who are working in a marketing context with managers and clients who generally aren't designers.

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what if i don't like the book?

I'll be sad and curious to know why. But I also know this book isn't for everyone. If you don't like it, just reply to your Gumroad receipt e-mail within 30 days and I'll give you a refund.

I'm a poor student, can i get a student discount?

Absolutely. I was a student, I remember what it was like. Just contact me with your .edu e-mail address, say you want an education discount you'll get a student discount code within a few days.



I am a science and evidence-based marketer, designer, and engineer, and I bring together these disparate disciplines to do world-changing work. At the moment, my primary focus is applying my background in science, design, and engineering to build great products and solve tough marketing problems.